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Associated personal travel

Associated personal, or private, travel is permitted in conjunction with university travel provided UTS is only responsible for the business portion of the trip.

The personal travel component and any additional costs are to be paid separately by the traveller.

Personal travel must be properly documented with the appropriate leave form submitted and approved prior to departure.

Private Travel Insurance

For travellers who are in excess of the allowable limits (25% or maximum 10 days) of associated personal travel under the Corporate Travel Insurance Policy some private travel insurance options can be found here. Travellers are responsible for arranging their own private travel insurance when required.

Use of Private Vehicles

A private vehicle may be used for UTS travel. Prior approval is required by the traveller's supervisor and the driver will need to provide evidence of current registration, driver's licence and comprehensive insurance.

Recompense is made at rates published by the Financial Services Unit.

UTS is not responsible for expenses relating to a private motor vehicle including insurance and will not cover damage or theft of a private vehicle while being used for business purposes.

Vehicle Leasing

Salary packaged vehicle leases are arranged through the UTS Human Resources Unit. More information can be found on the Salary Packaging pages of the HRU website.

Inquiries for Tool of Trade vehicles under an operating lease can be made direct with SG Fleet once you have established budget availability.