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VC's Directive Travel, Guidelines and FAQs

All UTS travel should be undertaken in accordance with the Vice Chancellor's Travel Directive which applies to all staff, students and others who travel under the University's authority to conduct the activities, or further the interests, of UTS.
More detail is available in the Travel Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
Information on booking, paying for and acquitting travel can be found on the 'Before you travel' and 'After you travel' pages.
If travelling overseas, refer to the Overseas Travel page.

FSU Services

  • Processing travel approval forms for domestic and overseas travel:
    • Processing invoices for attendance at local conferences
    • Payments to UTS preferred travel management agencies for airfares etc.
    • Payment of advances for UTS business travel
    • Payment of costs associated with travel*
    • Travel insurance (business and extensions for private travel)
    • Incorporating risk management actions into the travel approval process
  • Processing acquittal of advances in line with UTS and Australian Tax Office requirements
  • Processing travel diaries in line with Australian Tax Office requirements

Contact the Accounts Payable staff for more information or access the Online Travel Forms

Other relevant Directives and Guidelines

Corporate Credit Cards - Vice Chancellor's Directive. 

Professional Experience Program - Vice Chancellor's Directive.

Entertainment Vice-Chancellor's Directive

Gifts and Benefits - Vice Chancellor's Directive. If you have received a benefit or gift whilst travelling refer to the Directive for guidance on whether a Gift and Benefit Declaration form should be completed and submitted.

The VCs Travel Directive provides guidance on when it would be appropriate to give a gift or other benefit.

For travel involving fieldwork refer to the Fieldwork Guidelines.

For travel involving research that may involve health and safety risks, a Research Risk Assessment Plan should be completed by the Investigative Officer and sent to the relevant A/D Research.